Curve Lake First Nation strives to provide a school culture reflective of our traditional Anishnaabe heritage. We have developed an outdoor teaching area with a sacred garden as well as most recently a rain garden.  Students receive traditional teachings in accordance with our traditional calendar such as strawberry (Demin) teachings in June and Mkwa (Bear) Teachings in February.

Our Seven Grandfather teachings guide us.  Each week is opened with a school wide circle with emphasis on one of our Grandfather teachings where students receive teachings and learn how they can look to the grandfathers for support in all they do.




NBWAAKAAWIN To cherish knowledge is to know WISDOM.






ZAAGIDWIN To know LOVE is to know peace.  You must love yourself in order to love another.






MNAADENDIWIN To value and be considerate of others is to have RESPECT.







AAKDEHEWIN To do the right thing, even if it is difficult is to show BRAVERY.






GWEKWAADZIWIN To speak and act in a truthful way is to live with HONESTY.







DBAADENDZIWIN To know yourself as an important part of creation; you are equal to others but you are not better than others, is to know HUMILITY.






DEBWEWIN To understand, value and live by the Seven Grandfather teachings is to know TRUTH.