Wild Ricing
Wild Ricing


At Curve Lake First Nation School we appreciate the importance of a well-balanced daily curriculum and incorporate arts and physical education in to our daily plans.   Teachers strive to design cross-curricular units rich in literacy and numeracy while engaging students in a variety of activities.   In addition to the arts, our community partners engage in providing alternative programs for health and wellness.   The ministry also requires 20 minutes of Daily Physical Activity (DPA) in every school day.

Integrating Our Culture

student snowshoeing
Student snowshoeing

“The children enjoyed learning about wiigwaas.  The project was all about timing as a visit from Autumn Watson (SOADI, the Southern Ontario Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative) happened during this time as well; Autumn shared the drum, story and share baskets.  The students listened to the story of Nanabush and the Birch Tree and also learned about the different   uses for birch bark.  The sunsets and tree silhouette artwork the students created were beautiful, they were encouraged to write about their creations and what they learned.”

This is a wonderful example of how we are able to integrate our culture in learning beyond events and celebrations and into our everyday literacy and numeracy programming.

Past Activities

Past activities for the arts and physical education have included:

  • Karate
  • Violins
  • Partnership with CARA worker (Community Recreation Activator)
  • Hand drum and moccasin making
  • Snowshoeing
  • Community walking trips – marshland boardwalk, cenotaph, pow wow grounds
  • Wild ricing