Curve Lake First Nation School has been involved in the First Nation Student Success Program (FNSSP) since 2010.   FNSSP is a proposal-driven initiative designed to help First Nation educators on reserve improve school results.

The Program supports projects that increase students’ achievement levels in reading and writing (literacy), mathematics (numeracy), and encourages students to remain in school (student retention).  For Curve Lake First Nation School, the retention portion of the program is focused on supporting Language and Culture so our students are proud of their heritage when they enter the Provincial system. Aricka Fleguel is the Student Success Program Coordinator and Katie Wakely is our Literacy and Numeracy Programs Facilitator.

Projects funded through this program are required to include three interrelated components including School Success Plans, Student Learning Assessments and Performance Measurement.  We continue to modify, expand and improve our system to meet the needs of our student success programming.

Specifically, our goals include:

1. To build upon current and create new partnerships.
2. To continue to develop and offer a holistic cultural approach to student programming using the curriculum map, programming and community resources.
3. To monitor data to determine the impact of our programming on both aggregate and individual student success.
4. To continue to develop our School and Student Success Staff as specialists in the areas of literacy and numeracy and other areas as as determined by the need of our school community through additional qualifications and opportunities for professional development

Student Success Plan

Each year our student success team reviews and revises our student success plan.   This plan includes goals for the improvement of literacy and numeracy skills.   Some of the goals include:

  1. Literacy and numeracy benchmarks assessed early in the school year and reviewed at three intervals during the school year.
  2. To improve the mathematics competency in kindergarten students.
  3. To develop and improve instructional practices and assessment methods for students, to develop addition and subtraction of whole number skills.

Resources and actions are included in the plan as well to ensure that each goal is realistic to achieve.

Student Success Newsletters

Student Success Newsletter 2017-18