Curve Lake First Nation School follows the Ontario curriculum and infuses our Anishinaabe culture, language and traditions within the academic program for our students.

To access the K-8 Ontario curriculum, please click on the link below.

The Ontario Curriculum

Interactive Display Screen

Upon entering our school, you will see an interactive display screen.   This is a result of an 18 month curriculum mapping project.  Curriculum mapping is a process for recording what content and skills are actually taught in a classroom and school, over a longer period of time.

Medicine Wheel Logo
Interactive Display Screen Medicine Wheel

The teaching staff at Curve Lake First Nation School worked on “mapping” the ministry’s curriculum for language arts and mathematics.  The focus was on the various cultural, group events and activities planned throughout the school year.

Pictured here, the screen allows for users to click on months or the feathers to open new screens where they will find activities and curriculum connections.

Special appreciation to Janette Holmes, Course Director at York University’s Faculty of Education who was brought on board to assist in this project.


Please feel free to stop by the school and check it out, we are very proud to share it!